Not far from 32.

What I have achieved in 3.2 decades

  • 2 beautiful sons
  • 2 beautiful daughters
  • 10 years of marriage
  • Started my own company
  • Completed Post graduate Migration law studies
  • accepted into Combined law, and criminal/community justice double degree (Dream goal! yay me!)
  • Lost 7kgs
  • In process of becoming Registered Migration Agent (Australia)
  • Met some really beautiful people.
  • Accepted scholarship
  • Found new office

Not so good things

  1. Discovering childhood neglect through counselling. Didn’t even realize how bad it was affecting my adult life.
  2. Lost best friend and husband. We just both didn’t put enough effort into the marriage. You only get out what you put in.
  3. Dealing with stabilizing my emotional and mental health through my new found love of weightlifting —–> then getting a bulging disc, currently in the healing process.

Things to look forward to in 2018

  • Working on myself, for myself first —–> then the children as their mother, and hopefully as a friend to my husband.
  • Learn to chill out and not take life so seriously. Childhood neglect makes love a performance based process. Truth is, you should accept yourself as you are not on your achievements.
  • Focus on accepting myself for who and what I am. Not waiting for a checklist of achievements before being ok with who I am.
  • Not allowing the past to dictate my level of ‘good enough’. As I am, I am enough.

You too are good enough, just as you are. Don’t let the bastards get you down. Ha!

Goals for 2018

I am coming to terms with the fact that I need help. That in itself is an accomplishment.


I have spent so many years of my adult life dishonoring who I really am as a person by chasing what were other people’s desires, expectations and hopes for MY life.

I appreciate that many believe I have this huge untapped potential, but somehow, I realize more and more that the only true things that you have in your life are the smallest moments.

You don’t remember the huge spotlight moments, at least I don’t. I remember the sensation of a touch, the memories certain smells bring, the part of a movie which moved you, the feelings when you hear a certain song.

The small moments, these are my goals for 2018. I don’t want to keep missing the ordinary miracles whilst chasing the extraordinary.


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