Goals for 2018

I am coming to terms with the fact that I need help. That in itself is an accomplishment.


I have spent so many years of my adult life dishonoring who I really am as a person by chasing what were other people’s desires, expectations and hopes for MY life.

I appreciate that many believe I have this huge untapped potential, but somehow, I realize more and more that the only true things that you have in your life are the smallest moments.

You don’t remember the huge spotlight moments, at least I don’t. I remember the sensation of a touch, the memories certain smells bring, the part of a movie which moved you, the feelings when you hear a certain song.

The small moments, these are my goals for 2018. I don’t want to keep missing the ordinary miracles whilst chasing the extraordinary.


Author: springcleaninggrief

A therapeutic blog. Hope you gain some connection too.

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